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Our plants are well equipped to manufacture various types of components: Our infrastructure consist of advanced forge shop, die shop, metal testing laboratory, Cutting & Shear shop, an efficient heat treatment facility with machine shop, ensures fast delivery of your part and also making us a one-stop source for all your forging needs.

Forge shop consist of Gravity Drop Hammer (7 hammers - 1 Ton to 4 Ton), Pusher type furnace [1000 Kgs per Hour], Mechanical Power Press, Heat Treatment Furnace box type. Die shop is equipped with Vertical Milling machine, Electro discharge, Lathe machines, shaping / drilling machines, air compressors, die grinders, welding machines. Cutting shop is equipped with Band-saw Machines, Billet Shearing Machines. Quality control equipments includes megna flux for crack detection, Verniers, Bevel protector, Universal testing machine, impact Test Impact test equipments, Brinnel/Rockwell hardness testers.


  With a total current installed capacity of 20K MT per annum, has the capacity to execute orders for wide range of forging from250Gm to 40 kg.
  Our focus is usage of technology, functionality and Quality.
  We have taken steps for Customer Relationship – Marketing (CRM) and that is the keynote for our success.
  We also have capability of customization since we use resources to the fullest extent.
  Dies are being made totally In-house.

     Design / CADCAM:

State of the art 3D-CAD;systems & Software are used for designing and detailing, to provide speed and accuracy for best possible manufacturing process. Our in-house team of designers has years of experience of working in popular design software and technologies. They constantly keep upgrading their knowledge through participating in related seminars/conferences and by using the latest versions of the software.


  Air Gauge Units
  Hardness testing Machine
  Bench Testing Centers
  A Height Gauges
  Micrometers, Vernier etc.


  Full Backup Power
  Air Compressors
  Vehicles for Transportation

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